The Pilot (Batch)

Meet Troy and Haley! We’re two Buffalonians who enjoy drinking and talking about local brews, and the history that comes with them.

This first Pilot Episode is a little… disorganized. But you know what, aren’t most geniuses a little disorganized?

Today, we drink Filthy Flow IPA, a collab beer by Mikkeller NYC and Thin Man Brewery, and talk a little about Buffalo’s relationship with “The City.”

EDIT: We realized after recording (and editing) that the Dutch are not from Denmark. Our bad. Now we know! (And you do, if you didn’t know already!)

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Listening to this makes me extremely uncomfortable, but hey, enjoy my (our) discomfort!


P.S. When I was younger I got a bunch of seasons of Full House for Christmas, and I was really confused when I finished watching the first episode and there wasn’t anything in it about flying a plane. (Pilot jokes… true story, too.)

Thanks to:

Mikkeller NYC , New York City

Thin Man Brewery, Buffalo


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