Shower (beer) Thoughts #1

If a beer cracks in the woods, does it still make that delicious sound?

After the gym I do cold showers for recovery, but there’s something about a hot shower after work.  So I’m standing there, steam filling up the area behind the curtain and I take the first sip of my beer.  First off I have to say that a “shower beer” is one of the finer things in life.  Not only is a hot shower great after a long day of school and work, but there’s something about the warm water on the outside, and the ice cold beer on the inside.

Now, I’m halfway through the beer and I think to myself,

“Is there any better place to drink a beer than right here?”

And then I start thinking about all of the best places to crack open a cold one and I go back in my head to the summer time.  Beers by the bonfire, by the pool, by the grill.  One instance in particular comes to mind.  We went for a hike at Devil’s Hole and once we made it back up to where we parked, we were hungry and we were ready for a drink.  The Silo had opened an hour earlier, and once we got there, it was only a minute before noon.  Twelve o’clock on a Sunday is that magic hour, so I said the magic words and there it was in my hand: an ice cold brewski.

So I’ve got cabin fever and this chain of thoughts isn’t making it any better.  I’m still debating with myself whether or not this shower beer beats a summer beer.  I guess I’ll have my answer in a couple of months, and a few more beers.


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