Shower (beer) Thoughts #2

The answer is always yes…

For me, coffee and beer go hand in hand.  We spend all night drinking one, and the entire next day drinking the other.  With both of these brews, there’s going to be times when somebody asks,

“You want another?”

The answer should always be yes.  

Now, this came to me at work the other day.  I did my coffee stop before my morning shift, I got to work and took off my jacket.  No more than five minutes later, buddy goes around the store asking everyone there,

“You need a coffee?”

“Want a coffee?”

“You want anything?”

“Need a coffee?”

I’m standing there with a practically full cup when he gets to me and I turn down his offer.  He leaves, and the morning continues.

Wouldn’t you know that the moment I tossed my empty paper cup in the trash, buddy walks back in, and there wasn’t a full cup in that to-go carrier for me.  So it was noon and I was out of Joe; but how could I have judged only a half hour earlier that I’d be coffee-less right now? I realized that there isn’t a sure fire way to know you’ll need another, so I made it easy for everyone given your two options:

  • If the party hasn’t started yet, it’s yes to another coffee.
  • If the party isn’t over, it’s yes to another beer.


My ideal opener: Americano, no room.
My ideal closer: Half a beer and an ice water.

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