Episode 9: The Whale


Everybody get your “fun” meters out because the fun level in this episode is off the charts, so much that this episode was almost labeled “The Fun Episode”. So why are we talking about the many amusement parks and attractions that have meant family fun for generations of Western New Yorkers? Take a listen to find out! Oh, you’re curious about what beer we’re featuring this week? We’re not coming right out and saying it, but Haley latched onto the name of the brew and it snowballed into this entire episode!

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

Cover Photo: Dennis Reed Jr., Flickr

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I refuse to post a video of Laffing Sal as an embed because it’s TERRIFYING. So here’s a link to it (click at your own risk, and don’t yell at me!)

Thanks to:

Community Beer Works


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