Shower (Beer) Thoughts #3

The “Year of Local Beer”

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my first entry to the Shower Beer Thoughts blog. I’m done with the shower beer (yeah right), and I’m ready for the summer beer! I got to thinking about summertime beers again today when I was wiping the wet snow off of my car, and I got that numb hand, but with no pay off. When you stick your hand deep in a packed cooler there’s a prize at the end of the claw that is your frozen hand; unless of course the host of the party packs a single cooler and mixes pop and beers. You know when that submerged Pepsi can looks a lot like a Blue, or that can of Coke resembles the King of Beers. That’s how I felt scooping slush from the windshield; I got a frozen hand and no beer.

This summer will also mark a year of local beer, and there’s a bit of a story behind that. When the semester came to an end last May, I made the comment to a friend that the local beer scene was so vast that I could spend the entire summer drinking only local beers. Well a year later I’m still rolling and although the parameters of a “local beer” have expanded a bit, the thought process remains the same: drink local. Every photo that I post on Instagram is followed by a bunch of hashtags that change with the subject of the post, but one remains the same; #drinklocal. Have you ever clicked on that link? You should, and if you do you’ll find over 2.5 million posts from cities around the world. Somewhere, someone is drinking their local brews. As the last few months have passed, friends have brought us back beers from different cities and there’s a lot of cool stuff going on around the country when it comes to craft beer.

The point of Drinking Points was to give a platform for the community we love to drink in along with the rich history behind that community. So as my “year of local beer” comes to a close, I urge everyone to support their communities and the local beer scene. Go through the drink local hashtag, and see what beers your fellow brothers in brews and sisters in suds are drinking, then get out there and try it all. The city of Buffalo is making strides in the craft brewing scene, and odds are your city is too.


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