Episode 17: Donut Miss This Episode!


Welcome to our first (of many) collaboration episodes with our friends, Tim and Eddie from the podcast Vinylly Friday! This week, we’re drinking a beer very close to our friends’ hearts, the Walter’s Jelly Donut by New York Beer Project! (They provided the beer and recording space, and we provided actual jelly donuts.) In addition, we discuss important topics, such as the mullet of beers and whether a dumpling is a hat or not. We hope this episode is a (donut) hole in one!

To get the full experience of our collaboration, make sure to listen to the episode of Vinylly Friday that we star on, in which we discuss the Tragically Hip album, Day for Night!

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

Cover Photo: Forgotten Buffalo


The 1973 plan for the Buffalo Metro line (Source: Forgotten Buffalo)
UB North with Metro concept art, 1970s-starring Clemens Hall and Center for the Arts (Source: Forgotten Buffalo)

Thanks to:

New York Beer Project

Vinylly Friday!


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