Episode 18: What a Beautiful River


This week we recorded on location at Big Ditch Brewing Company! We feature two of their beers, Beautiful River Farmhouse Saison and Electric District Pilsner.

Check out this episode to hear our favorite (and most likely completely untrue) story about the origin of the naming of our city: Buffalo. Also, hear a bit about how the power of the Niagara River and Niagara Falls was harnessed and where they decided to send the first dose of electricity once they flipped the switch!

(Also, wait around until about 40 minutes in, where you can hear a bit of our interview with the president of Big Ditch, Matt Kahn!)

To hear the unedited version of this episode (as well as the full interview with Matt Kahn, and more fun things coming up soon) please become one of our patrons! https://www.patreon.com/drinkingpoints

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

Image credit: University at Buffalo Library

Things mentioned in this episode:

What are Queen Cities?

The New Wonder of the World by A.E. Richmond

“You said number 11”

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Buffalo buffalo buffalo…

Holland Land Office Museum

Styrian Golding Hops


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