Episode 22: This Episode is the (Coffee) S**t

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b36606372a3a0792f87df52.mp3 We say it every week: we’re a history podcast, brewed for your enjoyment. This week, we talk local brews of a different sort: coffee! A building occupied by one of our favorite coffee spots has a lot of history behind it. Join us as we talk about how we love our local coffee scene… Read More Episode 22: This Episode is the (Coffee) S**t

Episode 21: Ruby Red Jacket

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b2d2703825bb3a63f82bbb9.mp3   In this episode we delve into a Buffalo historical figure who Haley has been super excited to talk about: Red Jacket! As expected, any talk involving post-European Native American history can get a little serious, but we promise it’s not too much of a bummer! We even get a little spooky and discuss… Read More Episode 21: Ruby Red Jacket

Episode 20: Coop Du Jour

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b23f0ffe9b5fdb84a28f5e9.mp3 This week, we stumbled upon an episode topic by accident (as we tend to do) and revisited Buffalo’s Old First Ward at the Barrel Factory, home of one of Buffalo’s newest breweries, Pressure Drop Brewing! This place is really awesome, and hits all of our “good place” vibes. They don’t make barrels here anymore… Read More Episode 20: Coop Du Jour

Episode 19: Thicc Man

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b1ab37dcf1ded3845f4d45f.mp3   We’re back everybody! (Congratulations to Troy for coming up with the episode name this week!) This episode has been in the works since the beginning of the project, and here we are finally doing it! Take a listen as we cover the history of Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory and one of their many notable… Read More Episode 19: Thicc Man

Minisode 1: A Bleu-Collar Town

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b11e80359525a0e071bfa56.mp3   So yeah, I know we said we weren’t going to have a new episode this week. But first of all, this is a minisode–don’t get it twisted. Second, we’re workaholics. You should’ve expected this. In this minisode, we casually discuss the lore behind two of Buffalo’s biggest food legacies: the chicken wing, and… Read More Minisode 1: A Bleu-Collar Town