Shower (beer) Thoughts #5

Same Style, Same Story.


Hennepin; a farmhouse saison by Brewery Ommegang. It’s yeasty, spicy, dry, and one of my favorites. I especially enjoy purchasing the 750 mL bottle, as it takes well to cellaring.

When chatting with Matt Kahn, we mentioned this beer in particular when discussing Big Ditch’s Beautiful River saison. It was when we asked him how they put their own twist on a classic style of beer like a farmhouse ale, that we began comparing the two different brews of the same style.

A lot of beers within styles use the same ingredients, it’s even known that brewers using the same recipe can create two vastly different products. So while the process separates these two beers, it’s more than just style guidelines that bring them together. Their other connection, is in their names.

Beautiful River gets its title from a bit of lore surrounding the origin of Buffalo’s name. While traveling the area we now know as Buffalo, a Belgian explorer came across Buffalo Creek and exclaimed that it was a “Beautiful River” or in french, “Beau Fleuve”. It’s said that the city got its name from how the french exclamation is heard as “Bo Flo”, or you know; pretty close to Buffalo so we’ll roll with it!

The Belgian explorer we’re talking about is none other than Louis Hennepin, the guy who Brewery Ommegang named their farmhouse saison after. It’s like if Beautiful River were a movie and Louis Hennepin was a character in that movie, then an origin story film comes out titled “Hennepin” and you hear all about the Beautiful River story from a different point of view.

That’s what these two beers are; the same story, just a different way of telling it.



*Check out Episode 18: What a Beautiful River where we dive a little deeper into the Beautiful River story. Also, become a Patron to hear our Q&A sesh with Big Ditch President & Cofounder Matt Kahn!

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