Episode 20: Coop Du Jour

This week, we stumbled upon an episode topic by accident (as we tend to do) and revisited Buffalo’s Old First Ward at the Barrel Factory, home of one of Buffalo’s newest breweries, Pressure Drop Brewing! This place is really awesome, and hits all of our “good place” vibes. They don’t make barrels here anymore (yet?) but they do push out some serious beer, as well as spirits and kombucha. In addition, we touch on the growing trend of neighborhoods, such as the Old First Ward, going “micro-local,” which we’re obviously here for 100%.

To hear the unedited version of this episode (full of gross burps and a minute discussion about South Park that wasn’t exactly our most professional moment) become one of our patrons! https://www.patreon.com/drinkingpoints

(Also we frigged up and forgot to thank our patrons this week. We love our patrons: Michael Angelo, Billy Jean, and Don Hughey!)

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade (see them at Mr. Goodbar on 6/20!)

And of course, thanks to The Barrel Factory!

Things mentioned:

Episode 8: The First Ward

Hear our cat making alien noises at 6:15

Shower Beer Thoughts #2: The Answer Is Always Yes

Darcy-Weisbach equation

Why pressure drop matters (science)

Why Pressure Drop matters (brewing company)

Collective Arts Liquid Art Festival

Vinylly Friday: The Black Keys – Brothers


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