Episode 21: Ruby Red Jacket


In this episode we delve into a Buffalo historical figure who Haley has been super excited to talk about: Red Jacket! As expected, any talk involving post-European Native American history can get a little serious, but we promise it’s not too much of a bummer! We even get a little spooky and discuss a possible Buffalo curse? And for the beer… well, that would be another curse of the Buffalo/Western New York area: we’re drinking Genny Screamers. If you don’t know what those are, you’re gonna find out today!

And an extra tidbit: we talk about Resurgence’s new can releases, specifically Peter B. Porter and Conehead IPA, which we’re super pumped about!

(Sorry there’s a lot of car/plane noises in the background. It was hot as a really hot thing so we had the windows open for the first half of the episode…then there’s birds, which is a little less annoying)

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

If you enjoy listening to us, you’ll *love* listening to our unedited episodes, available to all patrons. Lemme tell ya, this one was a whammy for editing (I blame pre-gaming at Resurgence.) Become a patron and hear all the dumb sh*t I have to edit out! https://www.patreon.com/drinkingpoints

Also, thanks to Genesee!

Things mentioned:

Hear Troy do a burp at 8:59 because I was talking at the same time and couldn’t edit it out!

Religion for the White Man and the Red (1805)

“Red Jacket’s Revenge” (2016)

Interview with a Serial Killer on Netflix

Article about Buffalo Bill Cody (2016)

Two Fold — where to find our friends’ new publication!



Full Gallery of Images of Red Jacket’s memorial in Forest Lawn

Cover image: “The Trial of Red Jacket” by John Mix Stanley, 1869

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