Episode 25: Cars, Bikes, and… Beer

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b5b3eec20bbf33e118733e2.mp3 In this episode, Troy takes the reins while Haley takes an accidental vacation day (don’t worry, she’s still here.) While Haley was working, Troy took a trip to Buffalo’s Pierce Arrow Museum, where he learned a bunch about old cars and BIKES! And this museum just so happens to be down the street from… Read More Episode 25: Cars, Bikes, and… Beer

Minisode 2: Seven One Six

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b526bf329a828db2da5c579.mp3   In this minisode, we’re celebrating 7/16! Does it count as a minisode if it’s still 40 minutes long? We like to think so. But unlike our usual beer-drinking selves, we’re celebrating by drinking local kombucha by Barrel and Brine (go ahead, call us hipsters.) Haley discusses the history of phone numbers and area… Read More Minisode 2: Seven One Six

Episode 24: Find Your Hoppy Place

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b48ed618a703e835e945484.mp3   In this episode, we go over our weekend road trip through Western New York and discuss the colorful history of a few towns that we passed through: one that is known as the “birthplace of WNY”, another that was the birthplace of the author of the Pledge of Allegiance, and a town that… Read More Episode 24: Find Your Hoppy Place

Episode 23: Need Some Ice For That Burn?

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b3fd9a7e36875fb6ffbd920.mp3   Ah, Canada and the U.S.A. They gained their independence the same week in July (almost 100 years apart) and they’ve been friends since the very beginning right? WRONG! *thunder crashes* The year is 1812 and Congress declares war on Canada! Not really, they declared war on Great Britain who had control of Canada.… Read More Episode 23: Need Some Ice For That Burn?