Episode 24: Find Your Hoppy Place


In this episode, we go over our weekend road trip through Western New York and discuss the colorful history of a few towns that we passed through: one that is known as the “birthplace of WNY”, another that was the birthplace of the author of the Pledge of Allegiance, and a town that has not one, but two, correctional facilities! Also, we bring back one of OUR favorite segments (we hope it’s yours too): WHAT COULD’VE IT BEEN NAMED?

The purpose of this road trip was to find our “hoppy” place at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY, which was obviously amazing; but being in Watkins Glen, of course, means that we had to check out the local beer scene. Watkins Glen is the home of Rooster Fish Brewing, New York’s first Farm Brewery, so we drank a flight (as one does) and also managed to find some of their beer to drink on the show. Although the episode states that Rooster Fish was NYS’s first Farm Brewery; another beer we drank today by Good Nature Brewing from Hamilton, NY says THEY’re the first Farm Brewery in the state. Which one of you is it?!

The third beer we drank was by Rogue Ales. Why are we drinking a beer from out of state on the show? Because not only is Rogue from one of the top three hop producing states in the US. But they’re also 100% in on #drinklocal! They’ve got their own farms where they grow a ton of ingredients for their beer; and we think that’s pretty cool!

So I guess all we can say now is that we hope you enjoy this random episode, and we hope you find YOUR hoppy place!

Beers drank (not counting our flight):

Blight Buster- Good Nature Brewing

6 Hop IPA- Rogue Ales

Hop Warrior Imperial IPA- RoosterFish Brewing

Music: “Low Bridge” by Rust Belt Brigade

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