Episode 26: You Got That Wright


Here’s a fun drinking game: take a drink every time the word “right” or “Wright” is said in this episode. (Actually, don’t. That’s not drinking responsibly.)

Well, if you know us, I’m sure you know by now this is our Frank Lloyd Wright episode! (Maybe the first of several, who knows.) In this episode we discuss one of Wright’s most well-known designs, made for the man he called his best friend: Darwin D. Martin. In addition we talk about a few other Wright works in Buffalo, and we find out that Haley probably cares more about old buildings than people.

And an added bonus: we start a new Untappd segment, which has yet to be named, starring the beer of the episode; Frank by Community Beer Works!

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade; “Swing Time” by Music by Pedro (Youtube)

*The Rust Belt Brigade are playing at 810 Meadworks on 8/4 at 9PM!

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Photo credit: Buffalo News

Things Mentioned:

The Winslow House

The Larkin Administrative Building

A timeline of the Darwin Martin House


Blue Sky Mausoleum

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