Episode 27: Brewiston


You didn’t think we forgot about you, did you? We’re a day late on our episode drop but we’re sure it’s worth it!

This week, Lewiston, NY is the focal point of the show! Along with its rich history and beautiful views, Lewiston is now home to a great place to drink freshly brewed beers! We got our hands on a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Quadrupel (thanks to our Patron Billy Jean) by Brickyard Brewing Company!

Expect our usual Drinking Points chatter: old buildings, influential individuals, and great beer. We give a little more information on what’s behind the barrel aging process and we share every detail on our tasting sheet for this one. Cheers!

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

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Photo credit: Library of Congress

Things mentioned:


Tasting Sheet by Craftbeer.com

Troy’s blogs (read them)

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