Episode 28: Olm Sweet Olm


This episode is a little bit sloppier than our usual product–we blame recording at 10 pm and pre-gaming at New York Beer Project. Anyway, this is our official Frederick Law Olmsted episode! Olmsted played a huge role in making Buffalo a one-of-a-kind city; what he would call “the Best Planned City in the World.” Haley discusses the three parks he designed for Buffalo and the vision he had for each of them–and the effect that the Buffalo expressway system has had on each of them. (You’ll find out here that we have about as much passion about buildings as we do about parks.)

To hear the unedited version of this episode, become a patron! (I’m serious. This episode unedited is very rough/hilarious and would be worth paying for.)

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

Things mentioned:

We started a Facebook group!

“The Best Planned City in the World” book (it says now there’s only 5 left!)

Photos of the Parade House

Image credit: Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservatory 

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