Episode 29: Keep on Capen On

This episode’s for anyone going back to school this week coming up: this is our University at Buffalo episode! (Probably one of many, because there’s a ton of history behind the school.) Consider this our most general UB episode, because Haley goes over the founding of the school and how the two main campuses got their start. Troy does a deep-dive on Capen Hall and Haley talks about her UB experience back in good ol’ 2014, for which we have a moment of silence for Yik Yak.

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Music: “Low Bridge” by The Rust Belt Brigade

Things mentioned:

“Best Iced Coffee in Buffalo” Step Out Buffalo

“Tracing the path of UB’s North Campus” UB Reporter, Kevin Fryling

UB Library’s University Archives

“A Rat in a Maze: Student Attitudes Towards the Design of UB’s Amherst Campus, 1968-1985.” Jack Ding

Buffalo History Museum’s Party on the Portico

Beers drank:

“Beer” by Swiftwater Brewing (Rochester, NY)

“Lunch Money” by Collective Arts Brewing (Hamilton, ON)

Image credit: University at Buffalo

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