Episode 32: History Brewseum

Here it is: our Buffalo History Museum episode! To celebrate their upcoming Party on the Portico, we’ve decided to make this episode all about them (or at least mostly about them…) We love history! So obviously we love the history museum. Hear all about the origins of the museum as well as what you can see in-person there as well as online!

Things mentioned:

Buffalo History Museum

Green Schwinn

Pierce Arrow Building conversion?

Buffalo History Museum exhibits

BHM Online Research library

Buffalo Drinking Map

Erie County Prisoner Identification (1896-1914)

KKK membership directory (1924)

Shower Beer Thoughts #7

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

They’ll be playing their Monthly Ramble show at Mr. Goodbar on 9/19!

Beer drank: 1812 Butler’s Bitter by Niagara College’s Teaching Brewery

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