Episode 34: A Brew Hope

This week we’re revisiting Rochester! Haley’s already feeling a little spooky so she’ll be talking exclusively about Mount Hope cemetery and its most famous/interesting residents (no offense to the rest of the people buried there…) Also we discuss a newer brewery in the area, as well as another Rochester brewery that makes a beer based off of a well-known mass-produced beer.

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

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Things mentioned:

Fifth Frame Brewing (you can see the Yarp/Nerp!)

River City Project (this sounds a lot like a conspiracy theory but it’s not)

“Killer Klowns” by The Dickies

The Hot-dog, the American dream and the Greek connection

John Oliver on Bud Light Lime

Beer drank: Swift Light Lime by Swiftwater Brewing

Cover photo: Mount Hope Cemetery (Rochester City Newspaper)

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