Episode 35: Get in the spirit!


Have you ever wondered why things make you creeped out? To kick off the show, Haley gives a run down on exactly why we find things creepy, and why she likes being spooked, while Troy reaffirms that when it comes to scary stuff, he’s a little baby b***h.

That being said, welcome to the first of four Halloween episodes! With New York having the history that it does, and with all the available seasonal beers, it was obvious to us that all that spookiness couldn’t be fit into a single show! This week, learn about NYS as the birthplace of Spiritualism, and two sisters that became famous for pranking their mother, and in turn, started an entire religion. And since it’s week one, you know some pumpkin beers were consumed! But whether you love em or hate em, we let you know where to send your thank you cards or your hate mail!

As always, drink responsibly, drink local, oh and stay creepy!

Music: “Grease Creepers Creep” by the Grease Creepers

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Look if you dare:

“Evolutionary psychology explains why haunted houses creep us out”

How We Decide Who’s Creepy (Psychology Today)

“What’s So Scary About Momo?”

“Tin Toy” Pixar Short (1988)

The Fox Sisters: Spiritualism’s Unlikely Founders (HistoryNet)

“Bones in ‘Old Spook House'”

A Skeleton’s Tale: The Origins of Modern Spiritualism

Lily Dale, NY

Paranormal Walks, LLC

Beers drank: Cold-Pressed Coffee Pumking by STBC, Vanilla Cappuccino Pumpkin Ale by Resurgence

Cover photo: The Fox Sisters (from Smithsonian Magazine)

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