Episode 36: I Put a Spell on You

This week we discuss the true horror behind a popular urban legend in Angola NY, the curse of an Egyptian king cast in Niagara Falls, and we list off a number of “coincidences” that have happened along the Great Gorge Route near Devil’s Hole. Ready or not, we drink another pumpkin beer…well it’s more of a coffee beer by Fifth Frame Brewing Co. with a seasonal twist. Then we try our first Rye IPA, by Barrier Brewing. So do you want to find out where to go and possibly experience a good spook? Want to hear the funny crap other people say about the beers we drink? Then quit reading and get listening!

Are you ready?

Music: “Are You Ready” by the Grease Creepers

You can download their album “Fresh Cut” here!

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Look if you dare:

“The Barnett Collection”

“King Ramses Curse” (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

“Devil’s Hole Cave”–includes pictures!

“Niagara Gorge Railroad”–also includes pics!

“The Secret Plot to Kill McKinley” by John Koerner

“Angola Horror”

“The Ghost Train Song” Hey Arnold

Shower Beer Thoughts #6 (will be updated soon)

Beers drank:

Pumpkin Spice Latte Brown Ale by Fifth Frame Brewing Co.

Evil Giant Rye IPA by Barrier Brewing Company

Cover photo: “The Angola Horror”

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