Episode 37: Cider Killers



As the third of four Halloween episodes goes live we think it’s safe to say that we’ve gone from spooky, to creepy, to downright scary with this episode. What makes it cross the line to ‘scary’? The fact that these are the stories of the real monsters that have terrorized our communities: Serial Killers. While Robert Kleason wasn’t a serial killer by definition (his kill count isn’t sufficient enough), he was once rumored to be the inspiration for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. Then we discuss the man who spent years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, while the real ‘Bike Path Rapist’ was free to kill again.

The historical content may be dark, but we kept the drinks light and sweet. This week is a cider episode, and we tried a few varieties! Throughout the show we sip Leonard Oakes “Steampunk Cider” and review two ciders by Blackbird Cider Works that we tried before recording. Don’t think there’s something for your specific tastes in the cider world? Think again!

Music: “Smile” by the Grease Creepers

You can download their album “Fresh Cut” here!Become a patron! It could only cost you $1 a month, and it goes towards our beer funds, and also we’d really love you for it! You’ll get your name said on the podcast and get exclusive access to unedited episodes and more fun extras!

Look if you dare:

Taxidermist murders Mormon missionaries

Relaxing Car Ride (jump scare)

Altemio Sanchez Murderpedia

Job for a Cowboy – Knee Deep ft. Spongebob

SBT 8: Which Cider You On?

When you love the Beatles but also love Death MetalBeers Ciders Drank:

Blackbird Cider Works Dry Oak Barrel Aged Cider

Blackbird Cider Works Red Barn Farm Style

Leonard Oakes Estate Winery’s – Steampunk Cider

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