Episode 38: Scareman of the Boo’rd

Throughout the nineteen-forties, fifties, and sixties, Buffalo’s theatre district was fortunate enough to host some of the biggest names in entertainment. On any given date, Shea’s Buffalo and the Town Casino across the street were sure to be home to an evening show, leading to late night after-parties that lasted until morning. Today, you can still catch a performance at Shea’s or a concert at Town Ballroom, and its said that while visiting both you can still hear the post-show festivities, or even be approached by the late Michael Shea.

While recording this week, Haley drinks a beer by Buffalo’s own Pressure Drop Brewing. With hints of cinnamon and toasted flavors, ‘Dog Birthday Party’ Graham Cracker Stout is warm and welcome on the palate during this cooler weather. Then, Pressure Drop sent in a special guest before his big release; Ol’ Green Eyes himself, ‘Dank Sinatra’. Although the opaque glass of beer you get from this one is on point with what we think of as a New England Style, the flavors are a true East Coast meets West Coast mashup. With a sweet, citrusy, almost herbaceous front end, Dank Sinatra finishes his set dank, earthy, and just a little bitter.

Music: “No Survivors” by the Grease Creepers

You can download their album “Fresh Cut” here!

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“The Curious Dream” by Mark Twain

Craig Cheape (artist for Dank Sinatra)

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