Shower (Beer) Thoughts #9

Now you can have your beer, and…wash with it too?

Our local Target just received a remodel, and when we went in the other night I was in heaven. Why? Because they just gave their Men’s section a much needed revamp. Target’s corporate site shows that in the last couple of years, their share in the men’s grooming market has been booming, and by 2020 they expect their business to double. For me, that means an extensive selection of hair products, skin creams, and all the soaps.

As I was working my way down the aisle, I saw a label that I recognized, but not for being a brand of toiletries. It was a Duke Cannon bar of soap ‘made with premium lager’: Old Milwaukee. Imagine my excitement when I realized that a potential blog post was sitting right there on the shelf. I mean, this changes the shower beer game; until now our options included either, spending ten bucks for a three ounce bottle of beer shampoo from Lush, or dumping some of that shower beer into a sudsy cloth to wash with.

–Wait a minute. You’ve only been drinking your shower beer?–

There’s a lot of info out there about the possible benefits that hop oils and different proteins found in beer could have for your hair and skin. You know, the same proteins that give that frothy head to your favorite coffee stout could tame your frizzy hair, and whether you like your IPAs piney or citrus forward, cloudy or clear, the oil in those hops could restore your dry and cracked skin. Frizzy mop and scaly skin not your problem? You can still use some suds in your shower routine to provide balance for your skins pH levels. A lot of homeopathic health sites make this claim, but none provided much evidence or even numbers for that matter; so here’s some interesting numbers. It turns out that beer used in some soaps, like stouts, lagers, and IPAs have a pH in the four to five range, which just happens to match up with the average pH of your skin.

After being provided with some more reasons why you should be engaging in the infamous shower beer, you may still be stuck on the thought of a bar of soap smelling like Ol’ Millie. We’ve all awoken one morning smelling like stale beer, spilled on ourselves the night before and it’s not exactly a scent one would describe as anything remotely close to ‘freshly showered’. That could be the reason why Duke Cannon’s “Big Ass Beer Soap” doesn’t resemble a ‘Premium Lager’, but instead a ‘Woodsy, Sandalwood Scent’. But if beer soap seems too ‘extra’ for you, and pouring a perfectly good beer on yourself feels like a sin, just know this: Whether it hits your lips or your loofah, a shower beer has a place in your routine.



**Also, I did not by the Old Milwaukee bar soap. I bought the Buffalo Trace bar soap.

The benefits? Smelling like you’ve been barrel-aged.

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