Episode 40: Beer Me Up Scotty

As the snow starts to fall, November begins to pass us by, and the last thursday of the month approaches, it begs the question: WERE THERE EXTRATERRESTRIALS PRESENT AT THE FIRST THANKSGIVING?!

While there’s no record of aliens NOT attending the first feast, there ARE records of UFO sightings in New York State. We skim through YouTube videos of UFOs caught on local newscasts, records of sightings in our neighborhoods on nuforc.org, and a controversial visit the Men in Black took to Niagara Falls.

Does this episode seem too out there for you?

We also discuss the possible, and very real explanations behind sightings all over the U.S. like Top Secret programs operated out of Groom Lake salt flats [Area 51], and the companies behind them. While Lockheed Martin led those operations in the Nevada desert, they also continue research today at a location in Niagara Falls, New York. You may also hear the Imperial March play in your head when we talk about Northrop Grumman and their push to make space weapons and Star Wars a reality.

Sit back and listen as we cover all this and more while sipping on two intergalactic themed beers. How could we properly walk the line of conspiracies without getting spaced out on DIPAs by two of our favorite breweries. First we take on Radio the Mothership by Collective Arts, which is lighter in color than our second beer, but brings more effervescence and packs a boozier punch. Next we drink Space Kitty by Rohrbach Brewing Company which has a bronze hue, and balances the bitterness with some much welcomed malt.

Alright, put on your tinfoil hats, get in your cardboard box rocket ship, and have a listen!


Intro: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

Outro: “Stardust” by the Rust Belt Brigade

Buy their album “Rhythm & Roll” on Bandcamp!

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Things mentioned:

A History Channel Thanksgiving (South Park)

The Fourth Kind trailer

UFO in Tonawanda (Nov 2018)

UFO in Hamburg (Oct 2018)

UFO on Channel 7 (2016)(2018)

Skunk Works

Mac Sabbath

MIB in Niagara Falls, ON?


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