Episode 46: Fasten Your Belt Line

This week, we were joined by our buds Tim and Eddie from Vinylly Friday for a regular ol’ collab-a-thon! This time around, we let them pick the brewery: we drank Main Course DDHIPA by Belt Line Brewery & Kitchen, a brand-new brewery and taproom that just opened down in the Hydraulic neighborhood. And as things generally go around here, the brewery decided the history for this episode…so more trains! Buckle up: we’re all quite inebriated for this one (good thing we took the train!)

And since it was a “collab-a-thon,” there’ll be a new episode of Vinylly Friday featuring us coming up soon! We’ll keep ya’ll updated on when it does, but until then, listen to the rest of their episodes–they’re some pretty funny dudes who talk about a wide range of music!

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

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Things mentioned:

“COMPANY IS COMING” by Chris Fleming

Belt Line Railroad

Bennett Station (Airbnb)

F.N. Burt Co./500 Seneca

500 Seneca

“Jazz” Design

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