Episode 47: Bucha Didn’t Know

This week we felt that after recording last time with Vinylly Friday, we needed to take a break from the brews–of beer, that is–because in this episode we’re drinking Barrel + Brine kombucha! We discuss the somewhat disturbing way that kombucha is made as well as the tons of other fermented goodies that Barrel + Brine has to offer! And on the historical end, Haley gets serious about WNY’s Eeriest body of water.

Cheers! Go have something fermented, and call your “Mother”!

Music: “Low Bridge” by the Rust Belt Brigade

Header photo is a screenshot from Barrel + Brine’s website!

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Things mentioned:

Ice volcanos

Ghost apples

Episode 9: The Whale (Crystal Beach ep.)

Cuyahoga River Fire

Blue-Green Algae Blooms

UB fish study

Lake Erie Bessie (1991)

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