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Haley Scherer

BA in Social Sciences, minor in counseling– University at Buffalo, ’17

I’m not a historian in any way–history and research are currently just a hobby for me. I hate unanswered questions: I’m lost without Google at my fingertips. If you ever spend time with me, I’m typically the first one on their phone after someone brings something up that we don’t know much about (mainly due to curiosity, but also because if I don’t look it up right away, I’ll probably forget to later.)

My favorite styles of beer are Porters and Stouts (which I’ve learned are basically the same thing) especially if they’re vanilla- or coffee-flavored.

Hobbies: watching TV, reading, crafting, drinking coffee, drawing and painting, listening to podcasts–my favorites are My Favorite Murder, Dig: a History Podcast (4 women historians from Buffalo!), Sawbones, My Brother, My Brother, and Me, The Adventure Zone, We Have Concerns, and Lore.

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Troy Cloutier

fancy boy

Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts – (I’m certified in beer drinking) Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications

Not an historian, nor a sommelier; I just love beer and the city I live in!  Starting a podcast made sense to me because of our obsession with Buffalo history, my love for fun facts, and my thirst for the next microbrew.  Drinking Points reflects our usual banter that takes place on a Friday or Saturday night at our favorite bar or taproom.

I can’t put my finger on a favorite style of beer, but I do know that I get into my moods when it comes to which beer I choose to drink.  To me, there are certain times and places for certain beers; picking the right beer is similar to wine pairing.  The winter season is great for toasty porters and deeply colored stouts, where the summertime calls for crisp and refreshing hop bombs.  Going out for dinner might mean I’ll look for the flavor and complexity of a saison, and game day could mean a Labbatt Blue fresh out of the can.  (Labbatt’s American headquarters is right here in Buffalo, NY)

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