Brews & Interviews

When Drinking Points began, we knew that local history and local beer were going to be our main focus. Through online research and visiting the local library, the bulk of the podcast could take form. Because history had always peaked both of our interests, it never felt like a struggle when we had to crack down and start research for the show. That being said, as episodes went by we realized that some historical events aren’t well documented, and the details weren’t readily available on the internet. This has led us to exploring the city a bit more, stopping to read the plaques in front of historic buildings and parks, visiting sites of past and future episodes, and just walking the streets that bear the names of fellow Buffalonians.

We’ve started following the same steps when it comes to analyzing the beer that we feature each show. Since the beginning we’ve tried our best to make it clear that as much as we aren’t historians, we also aren’t cicerones. We’re fans of beer that simply found a connection between history and our local brews. Actually, the local brewers made the connection: Haley and I just explore how strong that connection can be, and how deep the stories go.

There are many different ways that people are involved in the new scene. There are owner operators, whose ideas come to life with the help of brewers and distillers, who have perfected the craft and put in the hours to create the product that beer lovers, barkeeps, and tapsters promote and consume daily. We’ve spoken with a handful of these individuals, and plan on sitting down with many more. The following is a collection of these experiences.

Matt Kahn – Big Ditch Brewing Company

Jason Barrett – Black Button Distilling