Minisode 5: (Last) Christmas Episode

Joy to the world! This is our off-the-cusp Christmas mini(?)sode! In this episode, we talk about Christmas trees, Christmas traditions, and… Christmas! And drink wintery beers! Join us around the Netflix Fireplace (Birchwood Edition) and let us join your holiday celebration this year! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! (Haley wants to apologize in advance… Read More Minisode 5: (Last) Christmas Episode

Episode 40: Beer Me Up Scotty As the snow starts to fall, November begins to pass us by, and the last thursday of the month approaches, it begs the question: WERE THERE EXTRATERRESTRIALS PRESENT AT THE FIRST THANKSGIVING?! While there’s no record of aliens NOT attending the first feast, there ARE records of UFO sightings in New York State. We… Read More Episode 40: Beer Me Up Scotty