Episode 27: Brewiston

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b6f5542f4526ff454ab5cde.mp3   You didn’t think we forgot about you, did you? We’re a day late on our episode drop but we’re sure it’s worth it! This week, Lewiston, NY is the focal point of the show! Along with its rich history and beautiful views, Lewiston is now home to a great place to drink freshly… Read More Episode 27: Brewiston

Episode 26: You Got That Wright

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b63d1fa5b641e854a765470.mp3   Here’s a fun drinking game: take a drink every time the word “right” or “Wright” is said in this episode. (Actually, don’t. That’s not drinking responsibly.) Well, if you know us, I’m sure you know by now this is our Frank Lloyd Wright episode! (Maybe the first of several, who knows.) In this… Read More Episode 26: You Got That Wright

Episode 25: Cars, Bikes, and… Beer

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b5b3eec20bbf33e118733e2.mp3 In this episode, Troy takes the reins while Haley takes an accidental vacation day (don’t worry, she’s still here.) While Haley was working, Troy took a trip to Buffalo’s Pierce Arrow Museum, where he learned a bunch about old cars and BIKES! And this museum just so happens to be down the street from… Read More Episode 25: Cars, Bikes, and… Beer

Minisode 2: Seven One Six

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b526bf329a828db2da5c579.mp3   In this minisode, we’re celebrating 7/16! Does it count as a minisode if it’s still 40 minutes long? We like to think so. But unlike our usual beer-drinking selves, we’re celebrating by drinking local kombucha by Barrel and Brine (go ahead, call us hipsters.) Haley discusses the history of phone numbers and area… Read More Minisode 2: Seven One Six

Episode 24: Find Your Hoppy Place

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b48ed618a703e835e945484.mp3   In this episode, we go over our weekend road trip through Western New York and discuss the colorful history of a few towns that we passed through: one that is known as the “birthplace of WNY”, another that was the birthplace of the author of the Pledge of Allegiance, and a town that… Read More Episode 24: Find Your Hoppy Place

Episode 23: Need Some Ice For That Burn?

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b3fd9a7e36875fb6ffbd920.mp3   Ah, Canada and the U.S.A. They gained their independence the same week in July (almost 100 years apart) and they’ve been friends since the very beginning right? WRONG! *thunder crashes* The year is 1812 and Congress declares war on Canada! Not really, they declared war on Great Britain who had control of Canada.… Read More Episode 23: Need Some Ice For That Burn?