Episode 23: Need Some Ice For That Burn?

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5b3fd9a7e36875fb6ffbd920.mp3   Ah, Canada and the U.S.A. They gained their independence the same week in July (almost 100 years apart) and they’ve been friends since the very beginning right? WRONG! *thunder crashes* The year is 1812 and Congress declares war on Canada! Not really, they declared war on Great Britain who had control of Canada.… Read More Episode 23: Need Some Ice For That Burn?

Episode 7: Collective Arts

https://app.pippa.io/public/streams/5ad5314e6d0deb6d48a87174/episodes/5ad5315b3d30956d441e7bf0.m4a   Listen up you hosers. This week we’re going over the border to talk about our friends to the north, Canada, and more specifically, Hamilton, Ontario. So come inside, put on some dry socks (ya gotta hate those soakers, am I right?) and crack open that two-four and listen to us talk about some… Read More Episode 7: Collective Arts