Minisode 5: (Last) Christmas Episode

Joy to the world! This is our off-the-cusp Christmas mini(?)sode! In this episode, we talk about Christmas trees, Christmas traditions, and… Christmas! And drink wintery beers! Join us around the Netflix Fireplace (Birchwood Edition) and let us join your holiday celebration this year! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! (Haley wants to apologize in advance… Read More Minisode 5: (Last) Christmas Episode

Minisode 4: A Seven Ounce Episode Why are we posting a minisode this week? Well, we’re still hungover (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) from Halloween. There isn’t really a theme to this one, if we’re being honest… but we do talk a lot about cats, adorable rodents, Troy’s blog, beer, and a bunch of other Schlitz. Music: “The Last Nine Years”… Read More Minisode 4: A Seven Ounce Episode

Minisode 2: Seven One Six   In this minisode, we’re celebrating 7/16! Does it count as a minisode if it’s still 40 minutes long? We like to think so. But unlike our usual beer-drinking selves, we’re celebrating by drinking local kombucha by Barrel and Brine (go ahead, call us hipsters.) Haley discusses the history of phone numbers and area… Read More Minisode 2: Seven One Six

Minisode 1: A Bleu-Collar Town   So yeah, I know we said we weren’t going to have a new episode this week. But first of all, this is a minisode–don’t get it twisted. Second, we’re workaholics. You should’ve expected this. In this minisode, we casually discuss the lore behind two of Buffalo’s biggest food legacies: the chicken wing, and… Read More Minisode 1: A Bleu-Collar Town